Book Review: Poe’s Rules by Robert W. Stephens

Poe’s Rules by Robert W. Stephens is a first-rate detective mystery imbued with dry wit and charming characters who draw you in and leave you wanting more.

Poe’s Rules by Robert W. Stephens is the fifteenth in the A Murder on Maui Mystery series featuring Maui private investigator Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford. As the series is a no-brainer must-read for me, I’ve never missed a book. Stephens is on my short list of favorite crime fiction authors that I wait impatiently to publish their next book. The plots are always interesting and I rarely can figure out whodunit until the end. I also love Stephens’ conversational writing style. Reading the series is like sitting across the table from Poe, and having a cold one while he regales you with his latest adventure. As much as I enjoyed reading the past fourteen books, this one is definitely one of my favorites.

Poe’s Rules (A Murder on Maui Mystery #15)

by Robert W. Stephens

Published by Eleven 22 Entertainment

on February 20, 2022

ISBN 979-8-41-227218-4

Genre(s) Mystery & Detective

296 pages

From the publisher

He works hard to separate the guilty from the innocent. When he can’t read his client’s poker face, will this PI put the right person behind bars?

Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford is nervously facing his newest challenge: fatherhood. With his expectant wife insisting he take on work and quit pacing the room, the expert private investigator is relieved to pick up a call from an attorney in need of his expertise. But with the lawyer’s client up for murder after his missing-for-years spouse shows up dead in a freezer, Poe dives into a cold case now running hot.

Discovering a long line of suspects eager to testify to the accused’s evil ways, Poe fears he may be representing a man capable of homicide. But when well-hidden secrets dangerously make their way to the surface, the seasoned detective races against time to expose the bloody truth.

Can Hawaii’s favorite sleuth stop the body count rising when revenge turns deadly?

Poe’s Rules is the fifteenth standalone novel in the colorful Murder on Maui mystery series. If you like witty protagonists, shocking surprises, and vivid tropical scenery, then you’ll love Robert W. Stephens’ entertaining hunt for the culprit.

Maui private investigator Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford works as a consultant to help the Maui police solve a series of murders in this fifteenth installment of the A Murder on Maui series.

Independently wealthy Poe Rutherford first began doing private investigations as an amateur sort of as a hobby. But now, as a professional investigator, he often works as a consultant to help the Maui police with some of their toughest cases. While he started out working with his wife, Alana Hu, a Maui police detective, more and more often, Poe works with Detective Glen Adcock, an arrogant though mostly incompetent detective who uses Poe to solve his cases and then takes all the credit. Poe’s Rules starts out with Poe working as an investigator for a new local attorney, Lea Pane. The Maui police arrested her client, Chance Hawkins after the owner of a local self-storage company discovered the remains of his wife inside a deep freeze inside one of the units and reported it to the police. Pane, convinced her client is innocent, hires Rutherford to help her prove it. Although skeptical at first, Poe eventually helps get Hawkins exonerated. And then, Detective Adcock persuades him to help find the woman’s actual killer. A few more bodies drop along the way before Poe solves the main case, and he has another run in with Mele Akamu, the woman in charge of Maui organized crime. There are several interesting subplots running throughout this story which add to the reader’s interest. Rutherford gets pulled into more drama with his feuding in-laws, and his wife Alana is in the last weeks of her pregnancy with their first child. It all adds up to a very enjoyable read that will please any mystery and detective fan. I recommend getting this one. It’s a first-rate detective mystery imbued with dry wit and charming characters who draw you in and leave you wanting more.

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