About Me


Welcome to Crime Fiction Critic—my book blog.

My name is Larry. I enjoy reading books, especially crime fiction books—mysteries, thrillers, true crime, and police procedurals. On average, I read two to three books per week (more when time permits). Every book I read, I feel, adds something of value to my life.

I started my blog for two primary reasons. I wanted a place to share my reviews and thoughts on crime fiction books that I've enjoyed reading. Also, in addition to reading crime fiction, I write crime fiction novels and short stories. I thought having a book blog might help the other fantastic crime fiction authors out there who give readers so much pleasure since I know from experience how important book reviews are for authors.

Every book blog has to begin somewhere. I've started mine with reviews of books I've bought and read. But in time, I hope other authors looking for reviews will contact me about reviewing their books. I'm also happy to be considered for book blasts and virtual book blog tours.

If you're a publisher or author of crime fiction looking for book reviews, please visit my Review Policy page.

Happy reading!