Review Policy


Crime Fiction Critic Review Policy

I am always happy to hear from publishers and authors inquiring about book reviews. But, please read the Crime Fiction Critic review policy in its entirety before contacting me. If you request a book review, I will assume you have read and agree to the terms outlined below. I do not request or accept compensation for reviews.

Before reading further, please note.

While I try to post reviews on Amazon, I make no guarantees. While I understand the importance of Amazon reviews to authors and publishers since Amazon has monopolized the book industry, I strongly disagree with Amazon's lack of transparency in its business practices. I particularly condemn its whimsical and completely opaque review approval process, which seems to change almost daily. Also, in my experience the company's review acceptance policy is unfair and disadvantageous to independent authors and small publishers. So, if you are seeking someone to read and submit a review for your book on Amazon, I'll make the attempt, but can't guarantee Amazon will post it. For books I accept, beyond Amazon, I post reviews here on this website, Goodreads, and NetGalley (if applicable).


I will accept print or digital (at your option) advance reader copies in exchange for an honest review of books I'm interested in reading and reviewing.

I accept books for review from major publishing houses, small press publishers, and independent authors.

Expect Only Honest Reviews

Expect an objective, honest review. Please understand reviews I provide are only my opinions and that I always strive to give constructive critiques. I will do my best to explain what I enjoyed about a book or why I didn’t find it to my liking.

As a writer, I understand the effort and work that goes into writing a book, so I am always respectful in my reviews and never overly negative. If you request a review, please be open to accepting my honest opinion of your work. All reviews are final. My opinion won’t change. I won’t engage in email arguments over the merits of your work. If you feel unwilling to accept the possibility of an unfavorable review, please reconsider requesting me to review your work.

My Focus

When I review a book, I try to cover the plot, pacing, place, theme(s), and characters. I endeavor to explain how the book made me feel, helping prospective readers understand whether I loved, liked, or didn’t like a book so much.

Rating System

Formerly, I didn’t use star ratings for reviews I post on this blog because I didn’t feel they have any particular merit. I still hold the opinion such ratings are too subjective to have real value. So, the vast majority of my early review here are not starred reviews. But I have changed my policy and going forward do publish starred reviews. After all, book retailer sites and Goodreads require star ratings so I decided to adopt that here. And I've learned many authors prefer starred reviews. The same policy as before still applies. Just as I previously wouldn't post reviews on public websites when I could not honestly rate a book as three-stars or above, I follow the same policy here.

Besides this book blog, I post every review (three-star and above) on Goodreads, and make the attempt to publish them on Amazon when applicable, subject to the whims of Amazon. If you wish me to post a review elsewhere, like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc., please let me know. I will accommodate you where possible. However, understand that with the exception of Barnes & Noble (and sometimes Amazon), most online booksellers only accept reviews from customers who bought the book from them.

Timing of Reviews

I read and review books in the order they are received. I realize there are situations where a publisher or author is seeking reviews to coincide with a date of publication. But, I cannot guarantee a time frame unless we have discussed and agreed in advance on a particular date. This blog isn’t my job. It’s my passion. I review books in my spare time and have other responsibilities to attend to beyond reading and reviewing.

What I Read and Review

As should be evident from the blog title, I read crime fiction and more crime fiction— true crime, thrillers, mysteries, suspense, and police procedurals. While I occasionally read outside these genres, these are what I enjoy most and all that I review on this blog. I do not read or review erotica, romance, chick-lit, dystopian, YA, children’s books, fantasy, or science fiction.

Acceptance Not Guaranteed

I will consider all requests, but I may be unable to accept them all. Please don’t take it personally if I decline to review your book, as it is in no way a judgment on the merits of your work. In a perfect world, I’d be reading 24/7 and could read every book I want to. But alas, we live in an imperfect world.

While I endeavor to reply to every email in a timely and professional manner, life sometimes gets rather busy and mail volume rather high. If I haven’t responded to your request within ten business days, please assume that I have respectfully declined to review your book.

Please do not send me a book until we have corresponded and I’ve agreed to review it. I accept no responsibility for reviewing books that show up in my mailbox unannounced.

I guarantee I will read and review every complimentary copy of any book I accept in a timely manner. Should my TBR pile grow too high, I will notify anyone requesting a review of any expected delays.

Requesting a Review

I accept requests for reviews by email only. Please email your request to and put “Review Request” in the subject line. As a minimum, include the following in the body of the email.

Book Title

Date of publication (MM/YYYY)

Publisher (Or indicate self-published)

Author’s name


Brief synopsis (Or include a link where I can read it online)

After you’ve covered the basics above, feel free to add any additional information you wish me to know.

Questions? Please contact me at the email address given above.